Tips To Make Boarding Your Dog A Pleasurable Experience For You And Your Dog

Posted on: 5 June 2015

If you are going out of town on vacation and cannot bring your family's dog with you, then you will be happy to know that there are some simple things you can do to ensure that both you and your dog are comfortable with the boarding kennel you choose.

Here are some tips to help your kennel experience be a positive one for everyone involved:

Tip #1: Tour Potential Boarding Kennels With Your Dog

When you go to tour possible locations to board your dog, make sure that you take your dog along with you. In fact, if you contact a kennel for a tour and they tell you not to bring your dog, then you should find a different kennel!

Since one of your goals in finding a good placement for your dog is to lower their stress level while being boarded, you should observe how your dog acts in a variety of different kennel situations. By selecting the kennel that your dog appears to feel the most comfortable at, you can help to lower your dog's stress while you are away.

Tip #2: Watch for These Things When You Tour Boarding Kennels

When you and your dog are touring potential boarding kennels, watch for each of these signs of a lower-quality kennel.

  • offensive odors
  • excessively hot or cold
  • no high fences for security
  • low light and inadequate ventilation

A quality kennel will not have any offensive odors, but it will be a reasonable temperature for the season, have high fences so that the dogs cannot escape, as well as adequate lighting and ventilation.

Bringing Your Dog to the Kennel

When you drop your dog off at the kennel you have selected, you should bring one of your dog's favorite toys or blankets with you. The familiarity of these items will help your dog to feel much more secure while they wait for you to return. If your dog eats a special diet, you should also bring their food.

Leaving Your Dog at the Kennel

When you leave your dog at the kennel you should make an effort to tell your dog goodbye and quickly leave. A long and drawn-out exit will just add to your dog's stress level. This can make it take longer for your dog to settle down and enjoy their new environment.

By taking care to watch how your dog acts at potential kennels and using your judgment, you can find the right boarding kennel for your dog while you are away on vacation. If you have additional questions about pet daycare or boarding, you should contact a business like Wags and Tails Kennel.