5 Amenities And Activities That Might Be Available At Your Dog Boarding Facility

Posted on: 3 February 2016

No one wants to leave their dog behind for long periods of time, but sometimes life happens and you are away and can't take care of your dog. When this happens, you might start looking into different dog boarding facilities. Dog boarding facilities don't just house your dog; many also offer activities and amenities to ensure that your pet is active, relaxed and has a fun-filled time. Here are a few activities and amenities that you might find at a dog boarding location. 

Pool Parties

If you live in a hot climate, or your dog is boarding over the summer, be sure to see if the pet boarding facility has a pool. Many different facilities have full, heated in-ground pools and have a daily time for the dogs to swim and play in the water. Other facilities have a large number of baby pools that your dog can play in.


Any pet boarding facility worth its salt is going to ensure that your dog gets plenty of activity. At a dog boarding location, your dog will also have the benefit of being able to socialize with the other dogs. Some facilities have group playtime, where your dog gets to interact with many different dogs and staff, as well as one-on-one playtime. Your dog will also be treated to walks through its stay. 


Many dog boarding locations will allow you to bring your own treats to be given to your dog throughout its stay, but you can also purchase packages that include gourmet dog treats. These treats range from your dog's usual treats to fancier treats like dog popsicles. 


Many different dog boarding facilities have groomers or a spa on site. Sometimes the cost of using the groomer is including in the pet boarding package, but other times it must be purchased separately. The groomer will wash and dry your pet, shave it if you deem it necessary, or clip your pet's nails. Some especially fancy pet boarding locations even have professional pet massage therapists on hand to give your dog a relaxing massage. 


This amenity is less for your dog, and more for you. Many different pet boarding locations offer a check-in with you during your dog's stay. This check-in can be done via e-mail or phone. They can let you know how your dog is handling their stay and if there are any concerns. They will also let you know what fun activities your dog has been participating in. 

Before you board your dog, visit your local doggie day care facility, such as Club K9, to see what types of activities and amenities they provide. You might just be surprised at all they have to offer your pet!