Need To Board Your Declawed Cat? 4 Tips For Keeping Their Stress Levels Down

Posted on: 24 June 2016

Some people might think that declawing is the perfect solution for a cat that excessively scratches. While it may stop the scratching, this procedure is painful and often creates more problems than it fixes. Adopting a declawed cat from the shelter is an amazing thing for anyone to do, especially when you are determined to provide it with a forever home in which they will never be put in a dangerous situation.

If you need to board your cat, things can get a little complicated, especially if they are frequently stressed. It is important to put time into finding stress relief solutions before you take them in for pet boarding.

Switch to Litter Made from Grass

One thing that declawed cats may end up doing is stop using the litter box. Some litter types are rough on their sensitive paws, so it is best to switch to something else that will not cause them discomfort. One of the softest cat litter types that you can get is grass, which is also an environmentally friendly choice. Your cat may seem like they are okay with their current litter situation, but this is an ideal preventive measure. You do not want their stay at a boarding facility to have any unnecessary discomfort, pain, or stress.

Keep Other Cats Out of Sight

Cats are territorial creatures that like to have their own domain. So, when you bring your cat into a space that smells nothing like them, while also smelling like lots of other cats, you may have a problem. Their constant stress from being declawed can turn this minor problem into a major concern. So, you should find a boarding facility that allows your cat to be in a fully private area and out of sight of other cats.

Pay a Premium for a Suite

Even better than getting complete privacy is boarding your cat in a suite. This will allow you to bring more than just a few toys along with them that has their scent. You can take their scratching posts, beds, and even their own litter box that they may have grown accustomed to using for as long as you have had them.

Incorporate Cat Pheromones

Cat pheromones do not always work, but they are worth a try for an important family member. It is as simple as getting a plug-in with these pheromones, and then letting it work its magic. It could take some time to work, but most plug-ins come with a one-month supply, so you can start using it before their stay.

Adopting a declawed cat comes with potential issues, but it is possible to keep these to a minimum. Trying out several things to reduce their stress before and during a pet boarding stay is well worth the effort.