Affording The Best Care For A Cat With Kidney Disease When You're Away

Posted on: 7 September 2016

If your cat has kidney disease, chances are you're already familiar with special kidney diet food, giving fluid boluses, and regular blood tests. You might be a pro by this point, but if you need to leave home for a prolonged period of time, you might be wondering what to do about your kitty. While you have the skills to take care of your precious companion, bringing them with you might not be practical. Here's how to make sure your cat is well taken care of while you're away without demolishing your wallet.

Board Your Cat at a Vet

While any cat boarding facility is a good way to make sure your cat is safe, not all cat boarders are equipped or trained in performing medical treatments. Some may refuse to perform them if they're not insured for that type of procedure.

Boarding your cat with a veterinarian is the surest way to guarantee that they'll receive the medical attention that they need. Vet techs are already trained and proficient at providing the care your cat needs, and they can care for your cat in an emergency, too.

Bring Your Own Supplies

Although a veterinarian's office will most likely have all the equipment necessary to care for your cat, chances are you can save some money by bringing what you already have. For example, if your cat is currently on a prescription diet of kidney disease-safe food, make sure to bring it with you so your vet can feed it to your cat. You can be sure that your cat is getting food that will be good for their health, and you won't be charged extra for the food.

In addition, bring any medical equipment you have, like ringer's solution or sealed medical tubes for boluses. Make sure that anything you bring is still in a factory-sealed condition, or the vet may not be able to use it.

Get Medical Exams in Advance

Finally, if you're having your cat stay at a veterinarian that isn't the one you typically see, make sure to have their blood and/or urine tests performed in advance, just before you leave. Getting this information will mean the vet they stay at will have the info and be able to adjust their treatments accordingly while you're away, and they won't need to run any tests of their own, avoiding another additional charge.

Leaving your cat behind when they've come to rely on you for medical care can be hard, but rest assured that your pet is in good hands at a veterinarian's office, such as Ark Veterinary Hospital. Try these tips to keep your cat safe and your bills low while you're away.