Three Ways Regular Grooming Keeps Your Dog Healthy

Posted on: 9 November 2018

Dogs need your help in order to stay healthy. Health can be achieved through things like vaccinations and dental cleanings, but also by ensuring that your dog is regularly groomed. Here are three possible ways that a simple, regular grooming can help to keep your dog healthy.

Prevents Gastrointestinal Obstructions

One of the biggest problems that a dog can face is a sort of hairball. When dogs groom themselves by licking their own fur, they often end up eating that fur. When that hair doesn't manage to make its way out, it can become a gastrointestinal obstruction.

Gastrointestinal obstructions are so serious that they can actually become lethal. A blocking off of the intestines means that your dog won't be able to eat, digest their food, and rid of themselves of waste. Thankfully, all it takes to avoid this problem is regular brushings that remove excess loose hair.

Prevents Ingrown Toenails

Dogs can actually be harmed by their own claws if they're allowed to grow too long. When this happens, the toenail grows inward and gradually becomes long enough to reach the paw pads. If you don't stop it at this point, the nail will slowly and painfully continue growing until it actually pierces the paw pad. As you can imagine, this is extremely painful and can make it hard for your dog to walk.

In addition to pain, your dog can develop an infection in their pads if this condition isn't treated quickly enough. However, it's easy to keep this from happening; just have a groomer cut your pet's nails regularly.

Prevents Matting

Finally, matting is a threat that longer-haired dogs can face. In essence, a mat starts out as just a simple tangle when skin oils or dirt make hairs clump together. If you're willing to groom your dog each and every day, you can prevent the majority of these from happening. However, if a mat does develop, you'll need help getting it out.

Mats can grow bigger if they're left alone and eventually get to the point where they're yanking on your dog's skin. This can be painful, and it can actually tear the skin if enough pressure develops. All you need to do is have your dog's mats undone by a groomer and you're in the clear.

If you're not having your dog groomed, it's time to start. Talk to a dog grooming service and set up a regular schedule of appointments for your dog to be protected from these conditions.