Tips For Hiring A Pet Sitter

Posted on: 24 September 2020

Pets often become members of the family, but there are situations where pet owners must travel and are unable to bring their pets with them. In this type of situation, it is important to arrange for someone to care for your pet. Investing in pet sitting services is often the best solution when you will be away from home and need pet care. There are many professional pet sitters — some pet sitters stay at your home with your pet, while others will have you bring your pet to their home or facility. Since your pet is important to you, it makes sense to take your time selecting a pet sitter. Use the following tips to help you hire the right pet sitter to provide care while you are out of town:

Interview Pet Sitters

Before you make any hiring decisions, it is a good idea to locate a few different highly rated pet sitters in your community and arrange for interviews. During an interview with a potential pet sitter, make sure that you ask the right questions. Some questions to ask include how long the pet sitter has been in business, exactly what services are provided, whether he or she is certified in pet first aid, and how he or she would handle an emergency. Being thorough during your interviews will help you determine who is best suited to care for your pet. 

Request References

A good pet sitter will have a number of satisfied clients. When you find a pet sitter that you're very interested in hiring, don't be afraid to ask for references. A professional pet sitter should have no issue providing you with the contact information of pet owners who they have worked with in the past. After receiving the contact information for the pet sitter's references, take the time to call them and learn more about their experience with the pet sitter.

Have a Contract in Place

Whether you need a pet sitter for one night, one week, or one month, there should always be a contract in place. Make sure that the contract outlines the dates of service, exactly what services are included, and the amount of money you will pay for services. A good contract will protect both you and the pet sitter that you hire and help ensure that there is no confusion for either party. Ensure that both you and the pet sitter have signed copies of the contract.