Prevent Hair Matting For A Senior Cat With Routine Grooming

Posted on: 27 April 2021

If your cat has long fur, it's important that you make an effort to have them groomed regularly to prevent matting. Not only can matted fur look messy, but it can also lead to your cat being uncomfortable. As your cat gets older, it can be difficult for them to groom themselves, and you may find that grooming them on your own is a challenge.

Instead of letting their fur become matted, it's best to take care of routine grooming with the help of a professional pet grooming service due to the following benefits.

Check Your Cat's Condition

One of the best reasons to have your cat groomed by a professional is being able to detect if there are any visible health concerns. When a groomer is up close with your cat and grooming their fur, they can easily check if any lumps could be a cause for concerns.

Seeing what condition their fur is in can also help spark a change in diet for your cat, making it best to rely on an experienced groomer that examines your cat while grooming.

Keep your Cat Comfortable

Grooming your cat yourself can be difficult when they have longer fur. Not only could there be matted fur that will need to be brushed out, but there could also be the need for having their fur trimmed on their paws or face.

Keeping your cat still can be a challenge, along with the risk of injury due to being so close with scissors or clippers. With a professional groomer, keeping your cat still while grooming can be a lot easier and can help get great results without stressing out your cat.

Eliminate Any Bad Odors

If your cat has long hair that becomes matted, there's a good chance that odors will be a lot more present than on a short hair cat. Keeping odors away isn't as simple as with a dog since most cats won't want to be bathed. A professional groomer that's experienced with cats can take care of removing matted hair and use methods to keep your senior cat smelling their best.

With the challenges of keeping your senior cat healthy and with their fur in the best condition, you can notice a big improvement by relying on a professional groomer. With the above benefits they can provide, you won't need to worry that your senior cat is going to have fur that's difficult to manage.