Find The Right Fit For Your Dog At A Boarding Kennel

Posted on: 5 August 2022

Bringing your dog to a boarding kennel can be a big decision, especially if they're young or only recently adopted. Suppose you have concerns over the quality of care or how your dog will behave at a kennel for the first time. In that case, it's wise to plan ahead to choose a boarding kennel you're both comfortable with. 

It can be tough to know what to look for as you compare boarding kennels, making it helpful to know what to ask and how you can schedule a stay that ensures a comfortable visit.

Test a Short Trial Stay 

If your dog has never stayed at a boarding kennel, it's not a good idea to start them off on a long trip while you're on an extended vacation. Instead of putting your dog into an uncomfortable environment for a long time, it's best to start with a shorter visit.

You may discover that your dog needs special accommodations for separation anxiety or aggression with other dogs. Scheduling an overnight stay for one day can ensure that your dog is introduced to the kennel without as much fear while you're gone. A short visit also makes it easy to stay in touch with the boarding kennel and be notified if your dog behaves in an inappropriate or problematic way.

Discuss Playgroups 

Instead of worrying that your dog is uncomfortable during the stay, it's wise to visit a kennel and see what playgroups are offered. One-on-one playtime could be ideal for some dogs, while others may be more comfortable in group settings.

Discuss what kind of playtime is available and considering what your dog typically likes will ensure that you make a better decision for the visit.

Understand the Services 

Along with the play sessions, you'll need to check if other services are available and if any would be the right match for your dog. Some grooming kennels may offer services, such as grooming and nail trims. Training is another option that makes visiting a boarding kennel a great experience. Checking out the services offered and fitting some into your dog's stay can provide variety.

As you prepare to compare boarding kennels, you'll need to see what steps can be taken to ensure that the visit is an easy one. Instead of worrying that your dog is uncomfortable, the above tips can help considerably in ensuring that the visit is less stressful and that your dog receives the attention they need during their stay. 

Contact a local pet boarding service to learn more.