Did Your Dog Create A Cloud Of Couch Stuffing? Train It To Stop Tearing Things Up

Posted on: 19 June 2015

A new dog adds fun and liveliness to any home. However, sometimes dogs can also create a mess or ruin your belongings. If your dog has a bad habit of chewing or ripping your possessions, you likely want to stop this behavior immediately, before you have to buy a new couch! This guide gives you some steps to train your dog to stop tearing things up.

Gain Some Understanding of Why They Chew

The more you learn about your dog's behavior, the better able you'll be to effectively train them to stop. Here are a few reasons why your dog may be chewing excessively and some techniques to end this behavior.

  1. If you have a puppy, they may be teething. It is a painful process and chewing brings relief. Providing your dog with chew toys can provide better alternatives during the teething process.
  2. Your dog may be bored. If your dog has too much energy it will dig and chew as a means of exerting itself. If your dog doesn't get much activity, consider taking it outside to play each day. This can actually reduce the amount of scurrying and chewing the dog does inside the house. Additionally, you and your dog can experience some bonding during this time.  
  3. Your furry friend may be experiencing some anxiety. When dogs are anxious, especially rescue dogs, they can exhibit behaviors that are unbecoming. Chewing up furniture and pillows is one of those behaviors. You will likely notice this when you first bring them home.

The new surroundings, people and the lack of security at first can make a dog anxious. Since they can't talk about their feelings, they express them in negative ways at times, most often when you're away or asleep. Set up the appropriate size kennel for your dog and keep them in it when you're gone or sleeping.  

Spray the Dog With Water If Caught In the Act

Have a small spray bottle on hand and when the behavior occurs, give a firm "NO" to your dog, and then spray it with a little water. This simple training technique will eventually condition your dog to learn that chewing that object brings undesirable results.

Take the Dog to Training Classes

If chewing continues, look into a business like The Pet Spot Pet Resort that offers training services. A professional trainer is skilled in conditioning your dog to behave appropriately and can be a great help to you. Your trainer can also give you insight as to what may be causing the behavior.

During your visit, the trainer will also teach you some other methods of discouraging your dog from chewing on things they shouldn't.

If your dog is chewing your couch and creating a cloud out of its stuffing, do what you can to stop this behavior immediately. Not doing so can be a costly mistake and interfere with the harmony of your home. Remember that your new dog is getting used to you and you can help it do that by training it in the appropriate manner.